Thursday, April 28, 2011

Work in Progress . . .

School's been keeping me very busy the last two weeks, both in and out of the studio, but now I finally have some time back for myself, which I hope to use for some sketching and reading over the weekend.  Here's an oil painting I've been working on recently, begun from observation of a model and then continued via imagination.  It's almost done, just a tiny bit more tweaking and detailing to go.    

I'm going to be starting a new oil painting series of mixed size and shape soon that I'll be working on all this upcoming month.  I'm very excited for this project, I'll make sure to post lots of in-progress updates so you can see it as it develops! 


  1. That is so beautiful!! The atmosphere is so nice and I love how you use the color! (I am a loser with paint on canvas and all) ;P