Friday, June 24, 2011

Green, the Color of Nature

It's green week of Summer of Color and I was enjoying myself so much I made two works for this week instead of one!  Both are mixed media ATCs.  I bought a small pad of ready-made canvas ATC's once in the art store, and I thought they'd be perfect for experimenting on.  I painted the deer on one of them and embroidered the border.  Something was missing, so I added the white flowers, which I think give it the perfect summer touch.

The green angel came together out of the same color I mixed for the deer's background, but this time I added a bunch of torn paper for the early layers.  Like my blue ATC last week, I went in for final detailing with pastel pencils.  I think of her as an Angel of Nature, a guardian of the forest and its creatures.  

Working in green reminds me of all the lovely plants outside in nature that we so often forget to thank for their company.  The peace we feel when we walk among trees is a touching of souls.
Have you taken a walk today?


  1. Beautiful paintings. The deer is very expressive.

  2. These are both so beautiful and so much in them on such small little canvass....I love them and your guardian of the forrst..she looks at walk yet..its just only turned 6 am

  3. These are just beautiful! Big smiles when I saw that you did two - thank you so much for your enthusiasm and for sharing your beautiful work with us. They are gorgeous and that first one with the deer stole my heart! xo

  4. I love the angel one. It is so peaceful and energizing at the same time.
    There is so much talent in such small pieces of art.
    As for the walk...I wish I had, but with God´s help and his angels company I will be able to do it very soon!!

  5. So lovely...all of your colour choices are perfect.

  6. Veronica your ATC's are stunning... love them both... gorgeous artwork...

    Jenny x

  7. Thank you everyone, glad my little pieces could inspire!