Friday, July 15, 2011

Two Birds

Human masks over feathered faces, the magician's birds look, but do not speak.  They play in a form they do not understand.  

I must say, brown is such a fun color to work in!  This ATC was done mostly in brown ink, with a little bit of watercolor and black ink to bring it all together.  I often do sketches and underpaintings with brown ink, its definitely one of my art supply box essentials.  

Do you have a favorite art supply you couldn't live without?


  1. What a gorgeous monochromatic painting! It has so much depth and emotion.

  2. I love using all different kinds of colored thread to do my thread sketching. I also love wax pastel crayons.
    I also like using brown, so many rich shades to work in. I like all the texture and color variation that you achieved.

  3. This is just stunning! It is mysterious and engaging and your style is beautiful. Wonderful ATC, thank you for sharing it with us.
    My favorite art supply? Hmm, I almost always use watercolor crayons and acrylic these days, but charcoal is probably one of the most constants. Have a great week, xo

  4. This is amazing...such detail on such a little favourite thing I seem to use are my watersoluable wax crayons...with white

  5. This is really gorgeous, I love every detail and the expressions on their faces.

  6. Thanks everyone for sharing your favorite art supplies and for the compliments! It was fun reading what everyone likes to use the most in their art pieces, and I must say I definitely have a soft spot for those water-soluble crayons as well. :)