Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Roads, New Travels

Sorry for the silence, I tripped and fell into the last-year-of-college rabbit hole.  I’ve practically been living in the studio, and when I haven't been painting like crazy I've been out in the forest and around town more than I've been at home.  I've been packing, unpacking, and packing up again to start work as an artist assistant for the first part of summer.  It's all been fun and exciting, but my blog's been somewhat neglected as a result.  I have so many new paintings to show you, I have some major catching up to do!  

Now that college is over, it's time to figure out the art world and make my way into illustration.  Change can be daunting, I'm a little nervous but mostly excited.  My to-do list seems to grow a little every day as I think of new things that need doing both on and offline.  I'm looking forward to sharing the journey ahead with you.   

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