Monday, August 27, 2012

Wildwood Hearts

They met in the wildwood, the only place where their love was not forbidden.  Here they could escape the shadows of the jealous world that kept them apart.  The birds and trees welcomed them, lending strength to their young hearts so that they would not lose hope.

Well, it's come to the end at last, all caught up.  As I said in my last post, it's been fun sharing these paintings with you, and it really feels great to have all my photos in order at last.

Just like the "Dune Spirit", this painting began as a woodshop scrap that I added canvas backing to.  This was the last piece I finished before my final art show in college.  I think I'd like to start working on it again.  Now that I've let it sit for some time I see places I'd like to do some final touch-ups on.  I'll make sure to post its final state when I finish it!

I'm also making steady progress on the watercolor pencil paintings I talked about at the beginning of the month.  They're taking a little longer than I initially expected, so I'll be posting some more work in progress shots for you soon.

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