Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Deer

deer watercolor painting

She made her way across the meadow under the soft cover of an early dawn sky.  

For some reason it's hard to take photos of this creme paper, I'll have to toy with my camera some more to get the colors just so for next time.  In any case, here's the second one of the three watercolor paintings done.  I miss the deer who would come visit me in my college apartment in the forest, they'd walk right up to my window sometimes.  I think that's partly where this little painting came from.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nifty Thrifty Finds

I was on my way to the art store yesterday, taking a different route than usual, when my traveling companions and I happened upon a huge thrift store we had never been to before.  This place turned out to be a true gem; I could have carried away half the store.  I found all these lovely old wood objects there, for about a dollar each.  Perfect for painting on!  I'm happy to say I've found my replacement for the thrift store I used to go to in college.    

Monday, September 17, 2012

Selkie Prince

Selkie Prince: Watercolor Painting by Veronica

The elders of the town told warning stories about the Selkie Prince.  Some had seen him from afar shedding his seal skin to dance on the sand with the rest of his ocean-born court.  Others had heard his lilting songs echoing from the rocks while they brought the fishing boats back homeward.  It was the magic of his being they did not trust.  Fair of face and wild of heart, his eyes were enchantment, his voice a spell.  

All done with this one!  I have plans to do more work with selkies in the future, they're some of my favorite mythical beings.  Do you have any favorites?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This Week in the Studio

In addition to working on the watercolor paintings, I've started several other pieces that I wanted to share some early in progress shots of.  I generally like working on multiple paintings at once, it seems to keep the momentum going in my studio.  There's nothing better for creativity than having a labyrinth of paintings strewn across the floor and covering any tabletop within sight.  (It also means that if I get stuck on any painting I can bounce among the others until I get unstuck.)

So some information about each piece.  For the first one I decided to do a Sepia underpainting, something I haven't done in a while but find pretty useful when I want to quickly sketch out the shapes and values within the painting before laying down color.

The owl painting below is acrylic on paper.  Just finished the full underpainting yesterday, now I'll start refining the colors and adding detail.  

I also primed the small wood pieces below.  I think they'll be double-sided paintings when they're done.  I'm going to do some thumbnail sketches to decide what will go on each side later today.

That's all for this studio update.  More pictures of all these pieces and the watercolor ones coming soon! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Remember These?

I can't believe September has come already!  It seems like just yesterday I was starting these pieces, and now it's already been a month.  My how time flies.  As you can see when compared to my last in-progress picture, I've made significant progress painting the young selkie gentleman on the right.  He is very close to done, just some little touch-ups left.