Monday, September 17, 2012

Selkie Prince

Selkie Prince: Watercolor Painting by Veronica

The elders of the town told warning stories about the Selkie Prince.  Some had seen him from afar shedding his seal skin to dance on the sand with the rest of his ocean-born court.  Others had heard his lilting songs echoing from the rocks while they brought the fishing boats back homeward.  It was the magic of his being they did not trust.  Fair of face and wild of heart, his eyes were enchantment, his voice a spell.  

All done with this one!  I have plans to do more work with selkies in the future, they're some of my favorite mythical beings.  Do you have any favorites?


  1. Yes, I love Selkies too! And I love the picture too ( those seals are so freaking cute!!).

  2. such a wonderful piece and i loved reading your post too. I don't think i have a favorite.... they are all quite enchanting.