Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This Week in the Studio

In addition to working on the watercolor paintings, I've started several other pieces that I wanted to share some early in progress shots of.  I generally like working on multiple paintings at once, it seems to keep the momentum going in my studio.  There's nothing better for creativity than having a labyrinth of paintings strewn across the floor and covering any tabletop within sight.  (It also means that if I get stuck on any painting I can bounce among the others until I get unstuck.)

So some information about each piece.  For the first one I decided to do a Sepia underpainting, something I haven't done in a while but find pretty useful when I want to quickly sketch out the shapes and values within the painting before laying down color.

The owl painting below is acrylic on paper.  Just finished the full underpainting yesterday, now I'll start refining the colors and adding detail.  

I also primed the small wood pieces below.  I think they'll be double-sided paintings when they're done.  I'm going to do some thumbnail sketches to decide what will go on each side later today.

That's all for this studio update.  More pictures of all these pieces and the watercolor ones coming soon! 

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