Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Two Companions

Original acrylic painting on wood veneer by Veronica Kosowski

Two companions begin their journey at dawn.  Rolling hills before them, the shadow of the trees behind, nothing is certain but that no matter where their paths lead them they will stay together.

Last week I finished this small 6 x 8" illustration painted in acrylic on maple veneer paper.  This sheet was a part of my woodshop-scrap hoard that I amassed last spring in college.  It's a really great surface to paint on.  It's thin like cardstock but doesn't buckle from the moisture of the paint.  And of course it has the wood texture that I so love.  It was the perfect piece to put in a thrifted wood frame I had lying around my room waiting to be used (seen in the middle of my art show table here).


  1. so very love
    so much feeling in their togetherness
    and i love the colors of the sky~

    1. Thank you Tammie! The sky is one of my favorite things about this painting too. Even though I'm still hopelessly addicted to earth tones, it was really refreshing to use a lot more blues and violets than I usually do.