Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Etsy Shop is Finally Here!

So after a long time of researching, planning, and organizing I am happy to say that my Etsy shop is finally up and running!  I have a few familiar art pieces up in the shop already, and I have a lot of things in the works, including small pieces, cards, boxes, and bookmarks that I hope to complete and add to my shop soon.

Etsy has always been one of my long-term goals.  Two years ago I signed up for a shop, but I soon found that college didn't leave me enough time to properly devote myself to selling my art.  I was also still doing a lot of experimenting with painting style, technique and materials back then.  I realized that before setting up shop I wanted to understand myself and my art better than I did.  

I have to say I'm glad I trusted my intuition.  These past two years have been a truly magical time of learning, hard work, and self-discovery for me.  Now I think I'm ready to continue on this part of the journey.  To all my loyal friends here at my blog, thank you for all your encouragement thus far, and to those of you who also have Etsy shops I'm looking forward to learning from you as I join the community.


  1. hello and congratulation!
    I know, it is a lot of hard work to get a shop set up! May i suggest that you put an etsy mini on your sidebar? You can look at either of my blogs and see what i mean. You will find the info on your private shop page, in the left hand column, it will say etsy mini. that way people can click on it and be taken directly to your shop. wishing you happiness and success with your shop!