Thursday, January 10, 2013


Original acrylic painting on wood by Veronica Kosowski.

Although she didn't know where her journey would take her, she knew she must go.  Doubt gnawed at her bones.  She cast a glance back but knew that she had to trust hope.  Back there she was one of many, inconsequential, chained by tradition into helplessness.  Out there who knew what she would find?  Does any hero know how far they will tread on the path to greatness?

Organizing my computer made me realize that I still hadn't posted this painting online!  I've had her done for a while now, but between taking her to Art Mart and placing her on my bookshelf (where she camouflaged so well) she kind of took a backseat to the other pieces I had recently finished.  Well, in any case here she is now.  

Again I have the college woodshop to thank for the wood she's painted on.  There were a bunch of these small pieces of pine wood (that smell beautiful before painting I might add) in the scrap bin, and of course I grabbed them all.

I really like the idea of standing, bookshelf-adorning paintings.  I think I'll make more of them soon to accompany this one in my shop.

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