Thursday, March 28, 2013


Krówki (Polish carmels)

Krówki (Polish carmels)

Krówki (Polish carmels)

Easter's only a couple days away, and already my Mom surprised me with some Polish candy.  If you've never tried krówki get thee to a European market at once.  They are so good-- that's if you like sickeningly sweet carmel that is.  'Krówki' translates to 'little cows'.  Isn't that a fun candy name?   

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend.  I'll be spending mine in typical Polish family fashion with boisterous relatives, traditional food, and painting eggs for our family basket.  I'll try to snap some pictures of them to share with you!


  1. ummmm, that candy looks good.
    sounds like you will have a fun celebration. wishing you a lovely weekend.