Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jester Drawing and Some Goals

Jester pencil drawing.

Here's a pencil drawing I made recently of a jester just finished with his performance for the royal court.    I think I'll practice some digital coloring with him; it's my latest thing to get better at (and it's really fun).

Which brings me to the next bit . . . With all the small things I've been making for Art Mart and Etsy I haven't been putting in as much time on my illustration goals as I would like to.  It's been a dream of mine since forever to write and illustrate picture books; likewise, I've got some graphic novel ideas pounding away at the confines of my brain demanding why they haven't seen the light of day yet.

Balance is always a tough thing to master, but that's my latest goal:  to balance the time I spend on stand-alone works and those that are part of something larger.

In the coming months I'm hoping to do lots of character studies, short comics, narrative series of pieces, and all that other good illustrationy stuff.  I figure sharing about these goals on here will help me realize them.  

The pressure's on!


  1. This is nice, love the style. I think you'r style would fit well with book illustration


    1. Thanks Jeff. Book illustration's the ultimate dream! :)