Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Magic Box: Buffoon Playing a Lute

This week I started my "Fancy Animal" homework for the Magic Box course.  I couldn't resist choosing "Buffoon Playing a Lute" by Frans Hals for my portrait repaint.  The expression on this man's face is priceless! 

Here's the original painting:

His mischievous expression reminded me of cats when they're up to no good, so I chose to reinvent him as a cat.  

Here's some of my sketchbook studies:

And below's my cat buffoon!  I'm going to redraw his face a bit before I start painting in color.  I want to bring in the grin from the original, and maybe perk one of his ears up to give him more of that roguish air.  Can't wait to share him again once he picks up some color!

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