Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Character Sheet

Recently Chris Conlon, one of my friends and fellow students at the Oatley Academy launched his amazing new game for artists, illolifeRPG, on Facebook.  To quote Chris, the game "turns your artistic journey into a living role-playing game.  You become an adventurer, and your life goals become quests!"

How cool is that?  I couldn't resist.  I don't often draw self portraits but I must say it was a lot of fun creating my character sheet.

I'm looking forward to gaining experience points to level up.  The game's a really great way to get motivated and finally crack down on that ever-growing to do list.  I hope you'll come join us!  


  1. Hi random artist! I was googling reference of "villages on hills" and found your art (actually it was not a village on a hill, but thanks anyway Google). I really like listening to Chris Oatley's podcasts and am thrilled to find someone taking Magic Box classes - keep up the awesome work! I admire anyone with Time Management +2 and now I'm browsing through your blog!

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for taking the time to comment! Funny that "villages on hills" led you here, but hey, that's an awesome thing to be associated with. Chris's podcasts and the Magic Box really changed my life, I don't think I'll ever be able to thank him enough for all he does to inspire artists like us. Always a pleasure to meet a fellow listener. :)