Monday, May 5, 2014

At the Fairy Queen's Court

The Fairy Queen and her Consort greet their guests at court.

A traditional acrylic painting for a change!  I've been doing so much digitally lately, it was nice to get back to acrylic and wood.  

I wouldn't say I prefer one medium over the other as both have so much to offer.  But there is something special about the physicality of pushing wet paint about with a brush.  It really wakes up all your senses, and in the end you have a unique object that you can hold in your hands, turning this way and that to catch the play of light on the very real texture of the paint.  A print or screen will never quite have the same feeling.

Finishing this painting kicks off what I've playfully called "Art Rehab Month".  I have a lot of unfinished work lying around both on my easel and in my computer files.  Many of these pieces are really close to being done, but I just never made the final jump to finishing them.  My goal?  To finish most if not all of them by the end of May!  

I'm looking forward to sharing the process with you both here and on Instagram, where I'll be posting frequent work in progress updates.

Until next time, here's some details of this painting:


  1. such a wonderful group of fairy folk, i would love to meet them.
    i love finishing pieces! wishing you the best each piece of the way.

    1. Thanks Tammie! I'd love to meet them too :)