Monday, May 12, 2014

The Mask Maker

The mask maker paused in his work, looking pensively at the world beyond his shop window.

Way back in June last year, I showed you the color comps for this guy.  I've worked on him on and off for the longest time -- I know, I know, way too long -- but now he's finished!  

Strangely enough I'm actually glad I took my time with this piece.  I was using it as a sort of playground to try out new digital painting techniques I've been learning throughout the year.  It took me through more "aha" moments then I can count, and I think it's better finished for it.

The mask maker character is actually the male lead for my Magpie personal project.  With this piece complete (and after I finish up some more old pieces), I plan to start working on the Magpie project more regularly again.  Exciting!