Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Selkie Sketch

Selkie sketch by Veronica Kosowski

Another pencil sketch, this time of a selkie woman peeking out from the corner of my sketchbook.  

The selkie’s story is a sad one.  She generally finds herself robbed of her magical seal skin and trapped in human form by a man who thinks beauty and desire justifiable reasons to compromise the freedom of a woman.
The selkie often lives many years with her captor, becoming a wife and mother while still searching for the skin that will enable her transformation and return to the sea.  In some stories she finds it herself, while in others she has to wait many years until one of her children finds it by chance.  Either way, as soon as it’s in her grasp nothing can keep her from finally going home.  
In some stories her children see a seal with tear-filled eyes looking out at them from the water every time they play in the waves, but she never again returns to them or her captive life on land.  

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