Friday, January 23, 2015

The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince digital painting by Veronica Kosowski

"I can help you Princess, but what will you give me in return?"  the Frog asked.

"Anything, dear Frog, anything you wish," the Princess replied with a bat of her eyes.  "Anything at all."

"Will you promise to love me, to let me be your companion, sit with you at your table, eat from your plate, drink from your cup and sleep on your pillow?"

"Yes, I promise!"

The frog retrieved the golden ball from the pool and came back to the Princess.  "I have done as you asked.  Take me with you to your castle."

But the Princess snatched her golden ball and skipped away laughing.  "Silly Frog!  How could a Princess ever spend time with an ugly little wretch like you?"

Aw, poor guy!  I always felt sorry for the Frog Prince, the Princess is such a brat.

I'm definitely planning to color my other Frog Prince drawing from Inktober soon.  I think I'll be doing more illustrations from this story in the future as well for fun.

Here are the original two drawings:


  1. ah, poor frog
    i love her expression in the last drawing, simple lines that say so much