Friday, April 3, 2015

Enchantress and Her Knight

Enchantress and Knight Drawing Veronica Kosowski

And now for something a little different!  Definitely still making progress on Magpie and the Mask Maker, but in the meantime here's a sketch I did a while ago but never remembered to post.

These are two of my other characters in a different story about an enchantress and a knight.  The knight's looking a little too similar to the Mask Maker at the moment, but he'll get more developed eventually once it's his turn.

I have so many stories waiting to be worked on, it can be hard to force myself to focus on one at a time.  But I figure a sketch from a different story now and then can't hurt right?  ;)


  1. I love this illustration! Post the colored version!

    1. Thanks! Definitely working on the colored one, it's about half-way done so it'll be up soon! :D