Monday, October 5, 2015

The Wolf Maiden

Veronica Kosowski Wolf Pack Illustration

Bereft of her skin, the wolf maiden returns to her family in sorrow.  Unless she steals back what he has hidden, she can never be her true self.

My latest Inktober drawing, inspired by the wolf maiden story.  Similar to the selkie, the wolf maiden has her skin stolen from her in the old stories and is forced to live with a human husband until she finds her skin and runs away.

There's something powerful about stories that involve overcoming an imprisonment of one's own self. I think that's what draws me to swan maidens, selkies and other shape-shifter stories.  I definitely want to do more with this theme eventually.  


  1. such a wonderful piece
    love all the details
    and also thoughts on these themed stories
    they are intriguing

    1. Thanks Tammie! Glad you like the piece, and yeah, I love drawing themes form old folk and fairy tales, they're such a great source of inspiration in their raw form.