Sunday, December 20, 2015

Magpie Digital Oil Portrait

Magpie Oil Painting by Veronica Kosowski

Just started a new digital oil painting of Magpie!  Here's an in-progress look at a portion of the painting.

I generally start my paintings with a pencil drawing like the one below.  That way I have a good map for the painting and have already figured out the structure of the image.  The more detailed the drawing the better usually, but in this case I started with a looser drawing as I just couldn't wait to start painting.  I'll probably do some background studies tomorrow before I get too underway with color.

The paint streaks in the top corner are a section of my palette for this piece.  Even though it's so easy to color pick in Photoshop, I still like to keep a "physical" palette on my canvas to help guide my color choices while painting.  It lets me stay focused, especially when aiming for a limited palette.  I guess it's my traditional painting background showing!

Magpie Drawing by Veronica Kosowski

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